We Pursue Honesty

At S&T Renovations and Remodel we believe in pursuing dignity and honesty. In our industry, it can be hard to find a company to work with that one can completely trust. We know the stigma that can be attached at times. Our goal is to earn your trust by being completely transparent in our services. We want to be real with you, which means accounting for your hopes and suggesting options for your benefit. We believe honesty is the only answer to benefit both parties.

We Practice Excellence

The second most important attribute to honesty is excellence. With a proper work ethic, and an attention to detail, we pursue excellence in everything we put our hands to. We love bringing our client’s dreams to fruition, but we know in order to do so, our quality of work must not be compromised in any way.

About Our Process

Direct Communication

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    Firstly, we request that you walk us through your vision and ideas of your new construction. We take note of the details so that there are no surprises.

  • 02

    Second, money is normally the biggest object, and we certainly understand. For this reason, we discuss everything we will need to bring your desires to fruition. This includes necessary permits, engineering, sub-contractors, materials and labor.

  • 03

    Sometimes budgets just aren’t practical for the vision, but we are prepared to discuss and suggest alternative routes to work within your budget. Your expectations are important to us, and many times they can still be met by exploring other options to fit the bill!

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    Forth, we will then discuss contractor timelines, crew members on site, our daily cleanups, and safety protocols. With us having your best interest in mind, we want to ensure that you understand all necessary steps to make your project successful.


Finally, we will discuss compensation, and give you option to receive a bid on the entirety of the project, or work by the hour to include time and materials. Our promise is to be transparent in our spendings and labor time. A contract will then be signed for approval.

Weekly Check-Ins


We know that it is essential to keep our clients up to date with the status of their project at hand. This includes discussing any changes that may need to take place, or anything that needs immediate attention. We feel that it is crucial for our clients to be involved in all decisions throughout the process. This is all done by email, text, or in person. Whatever method of communication you prefer.